Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Second Brain

When I was a little girl and asked my mom various questions, she’s always reply with, “Look it up in the encyclopedia!” But those encyclopedias were getting old and out-of-date. There was just no way to answer my questions completely and with the most timely information.

Well, this past Christmas my husband bought me an iPhone. I’ve always marveled at them, but could never justify getting one for myself, since I was pretty content with my normal cell phone.

But now that I’m in the iPhone world, I couldn’t imagine myself without it! No, I haven’t played any games on it nor have I listened to any music through its iPod app. What I’ve found, however, is that it has become my second brain: a storehouse for all sorts of information!

Directions to a place? The Maps App.

What does that word mean? The Dictionary App.

Different translations of a Bible verse? The Bible App.

Who was in that movie? The IMDB App.

Current scores & bracket standings in the NCAA Basketball Tournament? The NCAA March Madness App.

What’s on TV tonight? The TV Guide App.

Want to learn more on a particular topic? Listen to a podcast!

The best part is, all these particular apps are free! There are plenty of other free & pay apps that help you get organized better (such as various to-do lists), but I haven’t been moved to try them…yet!

The closest thing to a drawback is that I continually need to sync my iPhone with my computer and download updates. But I can deal with that.

If you have any sort of smart phone, you have a powerful tool literally at your fingertips. Oh, yeah, and you can make phone calls with them too!

Does anyone else have some indispensable apps?