Sunday, April 25, 2010

Welcome to the Grand Opening of The Efficient Matrix!

Lately, folks around me have asked for advice about organization, productivity and efficiency, and I’ve found that I actually have something to offer. I would discuss their situations and obstacles, suggest improvements, and offer advice. I also have always loved to write. As a child, I wrote stories; as a teen, poetry; and as a young adult, most of my writing would be for business. Now these two strengths have come together here.

I’ve always been kind of a “Felix Unger”. But when I became a mom, I learned that being organized and neat wasn’t good enough, nor would it work necessarily. I had to re-prioritize and discover optimization rather than perfection. Then I became a working mom and the ante was upped yet again. Not only did my stuff have to be organized, my time had to be organized –my family had to be organized!

I’d like to share what’s worked for me, ideas I’ve gotten from others and even a little organizational philosophy (after all, it’s a mindset, I believe). Do you have questions, good ideas, resources? I’d love to hear from any readers out there.


  1. How about the Lori Matrix, which is no matrix at all. Can't wait till you post about the cookie matrix. LOL

  2. By the way, Im the first to comment!!!!

  3. Yes, I will cover the Cookie Matrix in a special holiday edition of The Efficient Matrix! After all, it inspired this blog's name!